Different Ways of Activating Your Spiritual Learning
Both as physical as well as spiritual being, we're programmed to grow and learn. Just as you've grown more mature and taller in body and mind, your spirit is seeking always to expand, move closer to the light and develop more awareness and understanding. Your job is keeping that movement going upward in order to advance your spirit and at the same time, to increase your happiness, your contribution and health. Growth feels great and sending reverberations of hope. Learn more here

Saying that your job is to pursue spiritual growth is not just an expression, it's just the plain truth. When working to expand your awareness, trying to bring balance to yourself, experience greater peace, connect with the divine and raise your consciousness, you're basically assisting every other individual and creature living on the planet in doing the same.

In the next lines, you'll discover helpful ways that can achieve spiritual learning.

Number 1. Meditate

Opening the channel to spirit is always the first step. Prepare a way for effective learning and growth starts with universal practice to still the min, cleanse, refresh and calm the body and improve your connection to infinite source of information, light and love. Learn how to meditate with a seasoned instructor and build practice that'll stay with you and also, support your future plans. Info about Michael Mirdad

Number 2. Discover Who You really are

Start your online spiritual course directly at the subject. Check yourself in order to see if you know who you actually are and to what you truly want. What are your values and beliefs, your fears and hopes, what you love doing and whom you love and so on. Because every person is a unique being, there's so much knowledge that you can discover about yourself, work that only you could do.

Number 3. Pray

You will find vast pool of information in discovering the study as well as practice of prayer. Common to virtually every people and culture, prayer is about giving yourself to the light. God, source or whatever you call it for the energy of pure unconditional love. There are different forms of prayer actually and these include affirmations, contemplation, being in nature, music, art and even physical activities such as yoga and dancing. These are all used to be able to establish connection to the Divine.

You may want to try other forms of prayers that are new to you. Consider using affirmations in declaring shift into higher self qualities and see its impact to your spiritual learning.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Training#Religion_and_spirituality